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Tulsa Engineering Challenge

Discovery Lab offers workshops led by our experienced educators to help students prepare for the 2018 Tulsa Engineering Challenge. Teachers can sign up their whole class for an in-school workshop, teams can register individually for workshops at discovery lab, or parents and students can attend our drop-in workshops.

Still need to register for the Tulsa Engineering Challenge? Visit www.tulsaengineer.org.


Classroom workshops can be reserved directly by the teacher/school for their classroom either to be held at the museum or at the school. All workshops are one hour with student-led inquiry and open-ended facilitation by museum educators.  Classroom workshops cost $125 and include some supplies. Class size is limited to 28 students.

Event-Based Workshops
Classes provide design principals, testing, and guidance for one of the following Tulsa Engineering Challenge events:

  • Chemical Switch
  • Electric Motor
  • Ping Pong Launcher
  • Rubber Band Vehicle

Skills-Based Workshops
Classes cover the basics of design and testing for one of the following areas:

  • Buoyancy (Aluminum Boat)
  • Flight and Design (Paper Airplane)
  • Bridge Engineering (Toothpick Bridge)

Scholarships for classes will be available through the Tulsa Engineering Foundation, CLICK HERE to apply.

To register your class for a workshop, contact group reservations at 539-664-5525.



Teams can reserve a spot in one of our two-hour facilitation Team Workshops at Discovery Lab led by an experienced educator and judges from the Tulsa Engineering Challenge for $50 per team (2 - 4 students).

Limit of five teams per workshop. Some supplies are included with your registration. Please see the registration page for supplies included in each Team Workshop. Parents are welcome to attend or may drop their students off after completing a signed release.

Electric Motor

Ping Pong Ball Launcher 

Chemical Switch

    Rubber Band Powered Vehicle



    Drop-in workshops are every Tuesday in Jan. 23rd- Feb. 20th, 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at Discovery Lab in The WorkShop. No reservation is required for drop-in workshops. Students must be accompanied by an adult and should bring their own supplies.  Cost is the price of admission ($6 per person ages 2 and up).

    Drop-in workshops are a great opportunity for your student to make tweaks and test their project. Our experienced educators will be on hand to answer questions regarding the following projects:

    • Chemical Switch
    • Electric Motors
    • Rubber Band Powered Vehicle
    • Ping Pong Ball Launcher
    • Aluminum Boat
    • Paper Airplane
    • Toothpick Bridge